Trip from Kuvira River Camp to Tsodilo Hills Shakawe Botswana

Tsodilo is the highest peak in Botswana at 1395 meters above sea level. It is a National Monument and was listed as a World Heritage Site cultural landscape in 2001.

There are over 4500 rock paintings from over 100`000 years ago. 

The local Ju/hoansi community explains that Tsodilo is more than just 4 Inselbergs, rather, the tallest inselberg is Male Hill followed by his wife, the Female Hill and then the Child and Grandchild hills. Legend says the four hills were once a family that separated and fossilized into hills after a bitter quarrel. 

– min. 2pax: N$ 1950-00 per person
– min. 3-4pax: N$ 1750-00 per person
– 5+ pax: N$ 1500-00 per person

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